Welcome to the first collaborative risk platform

Connect with your clients and third parties, share information, and facilitate businesses in an agile and secure way.

Welcome to the first collaborative risk platform

Connect with your their third parties & clients, share information, and facilitate businesses in an agile and secure way.

They trust us

Our Platform

Streamline bureaucratic processes and unlock business growth.

Manage your business connections in one place

Gain efficiency in your operations by centralizing your clients, vendors or any third party risk information in one place, and under your own standards.

Connect with Clients and Third Parties

Search among millions of companies, choose with whom you want to connect with, decide what type of information you want to request and invite new companies to join your network.

Transform bureaucratic due diligence processes into business enablers

Oversee your network’s risk with clear and intuitive dashboards and proactively take responsive measures to address changes.

Choose what risk to measure

Assess any kind of risk according to the use case you decide. Obtain AI powered suggestions to help you and your third parties improve their risk management.

Why Chaindots®?

We’ve built a solution that prioritizes risk and business teams.



Transform tedious processes with our technology.



Set your own standards to govern your business relationships.



Boost communications and collaboration between your company’s teams and with other companies.



Gain a comprehensive view of your client or third party.

Our solutions

Automated Due Diligence

Streamline due diligence processes by providing your client/vendor with an intuitive, user-friendly experience.

Client and third party risk management

Connect with millions of companies and gain a comprehensive risk view efficiently.

Programs & Policies Shop

Comply with international regulations and industry best practices by obtaining fit for you Risk & Compliance Programs & Policies.

Learning experiences

Gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experiences in understanding, managing and mitigating risks.


Stay on top of the new regulations and changes in the industry that affect your business and act accordingly.

One platform, multiple use cases and benefits.

Client Risk Assessment

Chaindots helps you understand your client risk effectively so you can grow your clients base, reach new industries and streamline your business processes safely and in compliance.

Understand Vendor Risk

Automate the process of reviewing vendors and help them improve their risk management.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Grow Safely

We build risk & compliance programs that will help Startups & SMBs operate safely and focus on business growth.

Our clients' words

Eager to change


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