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Types of partnerships

Discover the benefits of our exclusive partnership program, designed to foster growth, innovation, and mutual success.


Join our strategic partnership program to unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and achieve shared goals

Sales Ambassadors

Unlock exciting opportunities with our Chaindots Sales Ambassador Program, where you’ll leverage your expertise to champion our brand, drive sales, and foster meaningful relationships with clients

Let's grow together

Expand your business revenue with Chaindots partnership program.

Dedicated Partner Team

Ongoing support and team work for better results.

Marketing and Sales kit

Sales materials, product trainings and joint marketing activities.

Risk & Compliance support

Leverage Chaindots know how and cutting-edge risk management and due diligence technology.

Why Chaindots®?

We’ve built a solution that prioritizes risk and business teams.


Trusted Partner

Trusted by leading companies and industry experts as strategic partner.


Dedicated support

Receive personalized assistance and guidance from our team, ensuring that your partnership with Chaindots is both fruitful and rewarding.


Win-Win Culture

Ensuring mutual success through collaborative innovation, shared goals, and transparent communication.

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