Streamline client and third party risk management

Connect with millions of companies and
gain a comprehensive risk view efficiently.

Streamline client and third party risk management

Connect with millions of companies and gain a comprehensive risk view efficiently.

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Client and third party risk management

A solution for efficient measurement, analysis, and mitigation of third-party and client risks.

Establish your risk standards

Tailor your risk matrix to align with your business objectives.

Create customized forms tailored to specific countries,
activities, and products.

Establish prohibitions on countries and activities according
to your risk appetite.

Connect with Clients and Third Parties

Access a database of millions of companies.

Gain a holistic understanding of your client and third party. 

Collect valuable information in a structured and user friendly way. 

Launch massive Due Diligence

Simplify due diligence processes with an automated and user-friendly experience.

Send multiple due diligence assessments with just one click to efficiently evaluate your network.

Efficiently process and validate information and documentation.

Evaluate your network

Evaluate risk and make informed decisions.

Access downloadable reports on the status of your clients and vendors against assessed risks.

Screen beneficial owners, legal representatives and shareholders.

Download conceptual frameworks to understand the risks associated with the assessed companies and the standards used.

Obtain AI powered suggestions to help you and your third parties improve their risk management.

Monitor your network’s risks

Consolidate your Client and Third Party Risk Management in a single location.

Foster collaboration between different departments.

Supervise your network’s risks and promptly implement responsive actions to address fluctuations.

Keep your risk assessments up to date with automated Due Diligence.


Manage you risk exposure efficiently.

Comply with regulations

Operate legally and transparently.

Manage risk with scalability

Centralize cleints and vendor risk in one place.

Streamline risk assesment

Speed up your clients and vendors onboarding.

Make informed decisions

Exhaustive risk reports.

Gain a holistic view of clients and vendor

Evaluate AML/CFT, Fraud, Compliance, Information Security and more in on single platform.

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