Streamline client risk assessment

Assess client risk with Chaindots and grow faster, safely and in compliance.

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Unlock business opportunities

The solution that facilitates businesses.

Expand your business to new segments

Chaindots empowers business teams to broaden their customer base by accessing previously untapped segments of clients

Expand to new products

Chaindots facilitates the development of new product lines through automated due diligence processes aligned with product requirements.

Expand to new markets

Chaindots facilitates business teams’ expansion into new markets by ensuring compliance with external regulations and requirements.

Our Platform

Simplify due diligence processes with an automated and user-friendly experience.

Build tailored forms

Customize specific forms for different types of clients, industries and activities based on your risk standards.

Acelerate your business processes

Streamline Due Diligence processes with automated and user-friendly solution that minimize manual effort and enhance customer satisfaction.

Shorten compliance review times

Access downloadable reports on the status of your clients against assessed risks.

Grow safely & in compliance

Assess all types of risks and make informed decisions to improve risk posture and meet market requirements.

Why Chaindots®?

We’ve built a solution that prioritizes risk and business teams.



Transform tedious processes with our technology.



Set your own standards to govern your business relationships.



Boost communications and collaboration between your company’s teams and with other companies.



Gain a comprehensive view of your client or third party.

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Understand Vendor Risk

Automate the process of reviewing vendors and help them improve their risk management.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Grow Safely

Chaindots helps Startups & SMBs operate safely and in compliance so they can focus on business growth.