Ensure regulatory compliance and grow safely

Chaindots helps Startups & SMBs operate safely and in compliance so they can focus on business growth.

They trust us

Unlock Growth.
Operate with Compliance

Explore new business horizons safely.

Set-up operations in new market

Chaindots helps you build the programs needed to comply with market regulations and operate safely.

Launch new products

Chaindots helps you build the programs needed to pass due diligence of your partners and develop new lines of products.

Open bank accounts anywhere in the world

Chaindots helps you pass due diligence of banks making it easier to open accounts globally.

Leverage Chaindots Knowledge

Let us build your Programs & Policies.


Anti Money Laundering and Financial Terrorism

Comply with regulations, prevent financial crime, and establish trust with stakeholders.



Ensure adherence to laws, manage risks effectively, and maintain ethical business practices, fostering trust and sustainability.


Information Security

Safeguard sensitive data, protect against cyber threats, and build confidence among customers and stakeholders.


Data Privacy

Protect your client data, implement controls for the preservation and security of personal data, and transmit security to your clients.


Business Continuity

Ensure resilience, minimize disruptions, and swiftly recover from unforeseen events.


Anti Fraud

Proactively detect, prevent, and mitigate fraudulent activities safeguarding clients assets.

Why Chaindots®?

Fit for your needs: We build programs that meet your rush and challenges.


Ready to use solution

We built solutions that meet to rush and challenges.


Proven Experience

More than 100 programs built for startups and SMEBs


Globlal application

Programs that meet local and international requirements.

Our clients' words

Don’t get bored with Compliance
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Client Risk Assessment

Chaindots helps you understand your client risk effectively so you can grow your clients base, reach new industries and streamline your business processes safely and in compliance.

Understand Vendor Risk

Automate the process of reviewing vendors and help them improve their risk management.